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Orthodontics for Children

Most children begin orthodontic treatment with fixed metal braces at about 12 years old, when all the milk teeth have been lost. However, we encourage you to bring your child for regular dental visits before the age of eight so we can keep an eye on how their teeth are coming through. It may be that treatment at an earlier age is both less invasive and more effective in the long term.

As we develop a relationship with our younger patients we are able to monitor changes and consult with our resident specialist orthodontist Gareth Williams. This way potential problems can be addressed in a timely manner, giving your child every chance of having a happy and healthy dental future.

When your child is fitted with braces it is incredibly important to supervise their brushing. A common complication of orthodontics is decay because many people, particularly young people, find it difficult to keep their teeth clean around the appliance.

We recommend using toothpaste and mouthwash with high levels of fluoride. We will give you advice on brushing and diet but it is especially important to avoid sugar and especially fizzy drinks wherever possible.

We like to meet our patients before they reach eight because even if no orthodontic treatment is needed, or treatment can’t start for another few years, there can be reasons to get started sooner.

The 2003 Children’s Dental Health Survey found a third of children can benefit from orthodontic treatment, yet many wait for NHS braces and miss their chance for less invasive treatment.

Orthodontics for children at Orchard Dental is for parents who want to give their children straight, healthy teeth for life in the most convenient way. There’s no waiting list and we can offer convenient appointment times, in contrast to the NHS system where waiting lists are usually six months or more.

Our specialist orthodontist will want to assess your child from the time their permanent teeth start coming through because, when teeth and jaws don’t fit together properly, it’s often much easier to fix early on in life.

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