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Orthodontics for Adults

The range of orthodontic treatments we offer at Orchard Dental and the fact that you will be treated by a specialist orthodontist mean that we can guarantee an extremely high quality of clinical outcome. It also means that as well as reaching the desired goal of being straighter, we will leave your teeth in a sustainability stable position, so there’s no chance of needing further treatment in future. Unfortunately that is not always the case with less experienced orthodontic practitioners.

Straight teeth and a functioning bite will give you the best chance of a healthy dental future because straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain, and they don’t wear down as fast. Food, plaque and bacteria are less likely to get lodged and cause decay and, of course, a straight healthy smile is aesthetically pleasing.

It’s never too late to seek help from an orthodontist. The main reasons for treatment in adults are to alleviate crowding or asymmetry, close spaces or to correct the bite. Orthodontics can also be used in preparation for dental treatment such as crowns, bridges or dental implants.

Orthodontic treatment involves attaching brackets to the front of the teeth to hold a wire (braces). The brackets and wire are tightened over time to correct the position.

How long you will have to wear braces depends on the severity of the problem but as the realignment is gradual most treatments last between one and two years. In some cases you may also need to have some teeth removed as part of your treatment but this will all be decided in conjunction with your specialist orthodontist here at the surgery.

You will need to return to the surgery every six to eight weeks for a check up and tightening and we will give you guidance on how to keep your teeth clean during treatment and avoid decay behind the appliance.

A great deal of preparatory work goes into orthodontic treatment, and this begins at the initial consultation where we will produce a three dimensional scan of your mouth and begin looking at viable options to deliver your vision.

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