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Lingual Braces

A healthy straight smile is important currency in our modern, image conscious world. Many adults are dissatisfied with their appearance and would like to make changes to their teeth or get them straightened. But because orthodontic treatment takes time, many people are concerned about how braces might affect their work or social life during the period of treatment.

Lingual braces are a modern development in orthodontic dentistry and an alternative to front-of-teeth braces. They are fixed instead to the back of the teeth to provide a cosmetic solution for those who want their teeth straightened but are self conscious about the braces showing.

To fit lingual braces we will need to take an impression of the teeth. We will ask you to bite down on a soft silicone material which our partner dental laboratory will then use to create customised metal brackets. At a future appointment, we will cement these brackets onto the back surfaces of your teeth and attach an arch wire using tiny elastic bands.

Like traditional fixed braces, lingual braces gradually shift the teeth into a new position over time, usually between 18 and 36 months depending on the severity of the problem.

With any type of braces it is harder to keep the mouth and teeth clean and free of bacteria and therefore your teeth are susceptible to staining and decay. An added advantage of lingual braces and their position on the back of the teeth is that it removes the risk of this type of damage to the front of the teeth.

You will need to visit the surgery regularly over this period for check ups and tightening, and pay particular attention to your dental hygiene regime in order to avoid decay and gum disease.

Lingual braces cost more than traditional braces because of the bespoke nature of the treatment but many professional people prefer this discreet option. Because these braces are individually designed and manufactured for you, they help solve your personal orthodontic issues.

Incognito and the WIN system are market leaders in lingual appliances. The 2D brace system is a good option for simple correction, whilst 3D braces are bespoke and represent the cutting edge of orthodontic outcomes.

Our specialist orthodontist recommends lingual braces for anyone who wants their smile to look good throughout their treatment and who might be self-conscious about wearing a brace.

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