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Ceramic Braces

Modern fixed braces are smaller and less noticeable than the devices most adults remember, especially when ceramic is used rather than traditional stainless steel for an even more discreet look.

Ceramic braces use clear square brackets cemented to the teeth to hold a wire that exerts pressure on them. The main difference with traditional braces is that now clear or tooth-coloured brackets can be used to make the appliance far more discreet. The wire running across the teeth can now also be coated white, making ceramic braces even less obvious.

Some brackets have tiny elastic bands called ligatures that hold the wire and with ceramic braces the ligatures are also white or clear, and they are changed each time the braces are adjusted so they don’t become stained.

Fixed braces apply continuous pressure over 18 to 36 months to slowly move teeth in a specific direction and, as the teeth move, the jawbone accommodates the new position of the roots. Our specialist orthodontist will closely monitor you over the course of your treatment and after it has finished to ensure your teeth are being moved correctly and remain in a stable position.

The precise length of the treatment will be decided by your specialist orthodontist based on the severity of the problem that needs correcting.

Ceramic braces are a popular teeth straightening option because they are so inconspicuous. The bracket that is bonded to the front of the tooth to hold the metal arch wire is made from dental ceramic and therefore blends in with your natural teeth.

These bands and even the arch wire are white, so the overall effect in discreet. Ceramic braces are fitted in the same way as metal braces and are easy to fit. The bracket is first fixed to the tooth using dental adhesive and then the metal arch wire held in place with small plastic bands. The wire is tightened over time, gradually realigning the teeth to the desired position. Ceramic braces can be used on adults or children.

As with metal brackets, you will need to be extra vigilant in your dental hygiene routine, and this is especially true for younger patients. Plaque can easily build up on the teeth around the brackets if they are not brushed carefully after every meal. Plaque provides a breeding ground for bacteria which attacks the teeth and can cause staining and decay.

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