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Inlays - Gold/ Porcelain

You can think of inlays as the middle option between a composite filling and a crown. While composite fillings are used to fill relatively small holes, and crowns are used to cover an entire damaged tooth, porcelain or gold inlays are an effective option for repairing large areas of decay, broken or fractured teeth.

Inlays are solid custom made fillings, crafted off site at our partner dental laboratory and cemented into place in our surgery. Placing an inlay allows us to save as much of your natural tooth as possible, while giving your teeth the strength and durability to eat a full range of foods.

An inlay procedure usually requires two appointments. Firstly we will numb the area of the damaged tooth and remove any decay or old filling materials. We will then clean and shape the space left in the tooth and take some impressions (moulds), which will be sent to the dental laboratory so that your bespoke inlay can be made.

At your second appointment we will carefully anchor your inlay in place, using dental cement. A few tiny adjustments may be necessary to ensure that it fits properly and that your bite is comfortable. With a good ongoing oral hygiene, inlays have proven to be extremely durable.

We want you to get the most value out of every dental treatment you receive here at Orchard Dental and so we see part of our duty of care as offering guidance on the maintenance of a healthy mouth. The foundation of oral health is regular brushing and flossing, but unfortunately many people reach adulthood without knowing how to brush and floss correctly.

This means their dentists haven’t taken the right approach to explain the effects that jagged and overzealous brushing and flossing can have, which include eroding enamel and dentine and reducing the gum line.

At Orchard Dental none of our treatments happen in isolation; we will be assessing your overall oral health before recommending a treatment such as an inlay, and then advising you on the best oral hygiene regime for you, with a recommendation on how often you should come in for hygiene appointments.

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