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We all recognise the cliché of dentures in a glass on the bedside table or have laughed at some skit where false teeth come flying out at an inopportune moment. These images may worry or alarm you but, in reality, if your natural teeth are missing or cannot be saved and need to be removed, a good set of dentures is a sound treatment option.

Dentures can help you to eat, speak and function normally, as well as smile with confidence. Modern dentures are lightweight and comfortable. They consist of custom made false teeth and a flesh-coloured base, made of acrylic that fits snugly over your gums.

When properly fitted, your dentures will be secure and you shouldn’t need to use denture adhesive. A partial denture is fitted to replace some missing teeth whereas a complete denture is suitable when all natural teeth are missing or need to be removed.

There are several steps in the process to make and fit dentures. After the initial examination we will take impressions of your mouth and gums. These will then be sent to our partner laboratory so that your bespoke denture can be made.

We will then ask you back to fit the denture and evaluate your bite. This stage is incredibly important because it will determine your comfort going forward. Once any necessary changes have been made and the dentures are fitted comfortably, we will ask you to wear them for a trial period before coming back for a review appointment.

New dentures can certainly feel strange when first worn, but this is normal. You will need time to get used to chewing and speaking with teeth that you can’t feel. We will provide you with useful suggestions to help you adapt.

Once we have fitted you with your dentures we will need to follow your progress closely, with regular check ups. Our jawbones and gums naturally shrink over time and this can cause the dentures to fit less securely. We may need to adjust your dentures to ensure an optimal fit. However, with time and practice you will learn to eat, talk and smile much as you would with your natural teeth.

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