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Dental bridges are a popular long lasting treatment option available for replacing one or more missing teeth. We recognise that it is never easy to loose a tooth, be it due to gum disease, decay or some kind of accident.

At Orchard Dental we have the skills, expertise and technology to support you fully on your journey towards regaining your natural smile.

Bridges can only be placed where healthy teeth remain on either side of a gap. This is because a dental bridge is essentially a sequence of bespoke replacement teeth (pontics) and crowns moulded together from metal and dental porcelain. The pontic teeth replace the missing teeth and the crowns anchor the restoration in place by fixing to the healthy teeth either side.

We have been fitting bridges as a solution for missing teeth for many years, always changing and evolving with the technology as it improves. In recent years the porcelain-covered bridges have become so expertly crafted that they are indistinguishable from real teeth.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages of filling a gap where one or more teeth is missing, dental bridges give you a solid bite, restoring your ability to chew and along with it your confidence and quality of life.

The process of fitting a bridge takes several appointments and begins with a full dental examination and preparation of any anchor teeth. This means numbing the area, removing any decay or unhealthy parts of the tooth and reducing the enamel to leave enough space to place the crown parts of the bridge (the anchors that will hold the bridge in place).

We will then take a high quality mould of your mouth and gums which will be used by our partner laboratory to make your bespoke bridge. Temporary crowns will be fitted to allow you to speak and eat normally until the bespoke bridge is ready to be fitted. This will be done during a second appointment, when we will clean the teeth and gums before permanently fixing the bridge in place using dental cement.

A dental bridge should last a very long time given the right care, and your oral regime is crucial here. We will advise you on any new cleaning techniques you might need to adopt, and how often you should come in for hygiene appointments.

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