David discusses the importance of general dentistry


Martin explains why he keeps coming back to Orchard Dental


General Dentistry

Quality goes without saying at Orchard Dental, which means you can expect excellent clinical outcomes from any treatment you receive here. It won’t be immediately obvious that’s the case to someone who isn’t a trained dentist, but what you will notice is that all our clinicians have an incredibly human approach to the way they handle their patients here.

That makes a significant impact on the way dental care at Orchard Dental feels, and it’s one of the reasons we’re the longest serving dental practice at the heart of the Maidenhead community.

Our team offers a full range of dental treatments, beginning with a new patient examination for which a £40 deposit is required. The reason we ask for a deposit is that we take this part of the process – getting to know you and understanding what your needs are, what you’ve tried, and if you have any anxieties around dental care – extremely seriously.

We know that if we take the time to do a thorough new patient examination it always benefits the patient in the long run, and builds trust between us right from the start, so that we can help you more effectively.

One of the reasons that Orchard Dental receives so many referrals from other dentists in the region is that we are seen as a high quality private dentist and the quality of care here is consistent with best practice standards. We also have a range of advanced equipment including a 3D scanner, which enables us to diagnose and plan treatments with a greater degree of accuracy than conventional x-rays.

Being able to see minute differences in bone and tissue density all the way through the mouth and jaw has become indispensible for oral surgery such as dental implants.

The 3D scanner allows us to do this routinely, and it’s also become a crucial part of our new patient examination, allowing us to spot underlying problems in the mouth that the patient may not yet be aware of. It’s always the case in dentistry that the sooner you treat a problem, the easier it is to deal with, and that usually means cheaper, quicker and more convenient. Once damage is done to the natural teeth, no amount of dental work can restore teeth to their former state, although we can come very close.

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