Sarah explains how veneers saved her smile after an accident


Neil talks about his passion for helping patients to have a confident smile



We live in an image conscious world, and too many people are afraid to smile in photographs. One of the greatest pleasures working at Orchard Dental, and measure of our success for us, is our patients’ stories about how their new smile has changed their lives for the better.

Veneers are an excellent choice for making changes to tooth shape, size, and colour to enjoy a more regular smile. It is important to note, however, that they involve making permanent alterations to your enamel. Each mouth is different and veneers are not necessarily the best option for everybody. They need to be carefully researched and planned in conjunction with your overall care plan.

Our value as a provider at the heart of the Maidenhead community is our integrity and our commitment to providing honest advice for the best long term results. We do not apply veneers as a short term cosmetic fix but as part of a carefully thought out care package.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells, specially crafted by our partner laboratory for each individual patient. They are fixed in place on top of your natural tooth using special bonding adhesive. They are permanent and require some irreversible changes to your teeth because a small amount of your natural enamel needs to be removed to accommodate the new porcelain veneer.

The technology our lab uses to sculpt the veneers is so advanced that porcelain veneers not only look exactly like natural teeth but also provide the strength and resilience of natural tooth enamel.

Fitting veneers takes several visits. Having established suitability we will first prepare the teeth by removing a tiny layer of enamel. How much will depend on the condition of your teeth, but our aim is always to remove as little as possible.

This can be performed without anaesthetic but we can numb the mouth if you are more comfortable this way. We will take detailed impressions and send them to our partner dental lab, where the bespoke veneers will be made to our specifications. At a later appointment we will prepare your teeth and fit the veneers using strong dental adhesive.

With the right care and cleaning regime, veneers can be a really effective and long lasting way of rejuvenating your smile.

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