Dominic talks about his work with patients who need a root canal


Martin discusses the treatment he has had at Orchard Dental


Root Canal Treatment

It is always our goal to save your natural teeth wherever possible and our commitment to this is one of our core values. Root canal treatment saves teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted due to infection in the soft, inner part of the tooth.

The treatment involves making an opening in the top of the tooth, removing the soft tissue from inside the canals and replacing it with an inert dental gum called gutta-percha. A crown or filling is then used to seal the top, leaving you with a tooth that looks and functions perfectly normally.

Root canals can be done in single or multiple visits depending on the complexity of your clinical case. If your treatment requires several appointments, medicaments may be placed within the canals and the tooth covered with a temporary filling so that you can carry on with life as normal in between visits.

Signs of pulp damage may include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discolouration of the tooth, swelling, tenderness of the overlying gums or a bad taste in the mouth.

Many people worry that root canal treatment is incredibly drastic and painful. The truth is that it is a very common treatment. Over our many decades at the heart of the Maidenhead community, we have performed many root canal treatments and our dedicated staff are experts at putting patients at ease.

We numb the area to be treated and the effect is painless and much the same as having a filling. If you have any concerns we are happy to talk about them with you, and in the case of extremely nervous patients we can offer sedation.

You may feel some slight discomfort or swelling following the treatment but this can be relieved by taking mild analgesics or painkillers that are available over the counter at a pharmacy.

Just because the inner part of the tooth is solid and inert following a root canal treatment does not mean the tooth is immune to risk. On the contrary, root-filled teeth are as prone to decay as natural teeth. We will advise you on a good oral hygiene routine, which should include brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

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