Karen explains how Orchard Dental helped her overcome her fear of the dentist


Dominic discusses his approach with anxious patients


Nervous Patients and Oral Sedation

If you are feeling particularly anxious about visiting us, or nervous about a specific treatment, we encourage you to talk openly to us. If necessary, there are pain relief and sedation methods that we can offer to help you relax and overcome your fears.

An effective way to treat very nervous patients is oral sedation – a prescribed medication taken an hour or so before your appointment. This medication will relax and calm you.

Oral sedatives can be taken in conjunction with the use of local anesthesia (which directly numbs the treatment area) but don’t prevent communication between dentist and patient so treatment can still be carried out easily.

Weight, age and medical condition must be assessed before suitability for this kind of sedation is determined, all of which would be discussed beforehand. If you opt for this type of sedation, it is important that someone can help you home after treatment and keep a careful eye on you for sometime afterwards, as it can leave you drowsy.

We’ve been serving patients in the Maidenhead community for many decades and at the heart of our values – and the key to our ongoing success – is our patient first approach.

We recognise that going to the dentist can be hard, frightening even. Many people feel incredibly nervous and anxious. This is a natural feeling. We are vulnerable when we are lying back asking another human being to check around in our mouth and potentially undertake work on our teeth.

It is important that you feel reassured that your dentist has the most relevant and up to date knowledge and training and is focused on your feelings as well as your needs.

At Orchard Dental we know how essential it is to have communication and trust between patient and dental practitioner. We have built our practice around these principles and our patients reward us with their long term commitment and their warm recommendations to family, friends and colleagues.

We have learnt from running our friendly and down to earth practice that as patients get to know and trust us, even the most reticent come to see their regular dental appointments as a pleasant part of everyday life.

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