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Dental Implants to Support Bridges and Dentures

Multiple tooth loss is life changing in several ways: it changes the way you eat and speak, and it inevitably affects your self-confidence. The dental solution to a mouth with few natural teeth left was traditionally the full denture, which can function well and look good.

However, with no tooth roots set into it, the jawbone gradually shrinks, so that removable dentures will gradually become loose and need replacing. The same process of bone loss will slowly alter the shape of the face, hollowing the cheeks and making the chin and nose appear to protrude, with a considerable ageing effect.

Implant supported bridges and dentures are an effective solution to these problems because they halt the process of bone loss and support the health of other teeth in the mouth. They also fit and function better, so you can eat the foods you like again.

Bridges – a sequence of bespoke replacement teeth moulded together from metal and dental porcelain – are usually fixed in place by crowning the adjacent teeth.

One downside to this is that the enamel of what might be two perfectly healthy teeth will need to be permanently altered in order to accommodate the crowns. Dentures are usually completely untethered in the mouth, held in place with an acrylic base that covers the gums. While both bridges and dentures are long lasting and effective solutions to tooth loss, dental implants to anchor them in place can provide an added level of comfort and protect to your oral health.

Dental implants are small screws that are integrated into the jaw, eventually to become the posts that can fix to and anchor a bridge or denture. In the first instance, however, the gum is stitched back together and the area is left untouched for several months to allow the jaw bone to bind to the implant and hold it firm.

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic so that you won’t feel a thing, but you can opt for sedation if you prefer.

In a later appointment, we take detailed impressions of your teeth and gums and your bridge or denture will be crafted by our partner laboratory. Once your bespoke dental apparatus is made, we reopen the gum to reveal the implant post head. We then attach a fixing that allows us to attach the bridge or denture either as a permanent or removable replacement, leaving you with optimum comfort and a natural and healthy smile.

If the denture is to replace a full arch of teeth, we place four implants at strategic positions along your gums. This provides excellent stability for the dentures and reassurance for you.

We will provide you with advice on cleaning and maintaining your implant supported bridge or denture and follow your progress closely with regular check ups.

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