Karen talks about the support she received as an anxious patient


Dominic discusses the advances in dentistry that help patients


Advanced Dentistry

We’ve been caring for Maidenhead since 1942 because we provide good long term outcomes for our patients. To achieve the best long term outcome it is important to develop a relationship of trust between patient and dentist, and that’s why we take our new patient examinations extremely seriously.

Dentistry has come such a long way in the past decade, there are now new materials and treatment techniques that have transformed the clinical possibilities and the patient experience. At some point, many patients require more complex, detailed treatment to protect their oral health and help ensure they have the confidence to smile.

We understand that if advanced dentistry treatment is required, it can be a stressful time for many patients. By offering an extensive range of treatments at Orchard Dental, you can have complete peace of mind that you will receive consistent care from dentists you trust, in familiar surroundings. From treatment for gum disease, to those requiring a root canal or for patients considering dental implants, our team is on hand to answer your questions and provide clear, considered assessments and treatment plans.

It is important that as a patient you understand the varied clinical and cosmetic reasons why a particular treatment – or set of treatments – may or may not work for you. When we are discussing treatment options with you, we aim to put ourselves in your position, and we want to take the time and space needed to fully explain the procedures and agree a plan. As for the clinical outcome, quality goes without saying.

Unfortunately many people still face the obstacle of a deep sense of fear and dread at the thought of going to the dentist, and so they feel unable to access these new treatments.

We take dental anxiety extremely seriously at Orchard Dental and treat new patients with great care, never rushing them and always listening to their concerns. As well as taking time to give nervous patients space to take things at their own pace we also offer oral sedation which we find really helps anxious patients remain calm and comfortable as they receive the dental care their need.

We also accept referrals from dentists across the South East who require 3D scanning for their patients, or want us to support them by carrying out advanced dentistry on their behalf. Dentists wishing to refer can use our referral form.

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