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3D Scanner

We always want to be able to offer our patients the highest quality, cutting edge treatments. This means we are always looking to investment in new equipment and training to keep us right up to date with the latest developments in the dental industry. Our new 3D Scanner allows your dentist to get a clear, detailed look at your mouth, so we can be sure we’re offering you the best possible service when it comes to your oral health.

Using a 3D Scanner means that we are able to quickly and easily gain an insight into your teeth, mouth and jaw. This comfortable assessment can be used in a variety of ways to support your personalised treatment plan. The scanner uses an X-Ray arm that moves around your head, capturing a number of images which it then sends to a computer. The computer creates the 3D view of your mouth, which will show your dentist areas that cannot be seen on the surface.

3D scanning is used in connection with a variety of treatments. It can provide early diagnosis of a dental condition, and it can be used when planning for dental surgery or reconstructive treatment. If you feel you would benefit from a 3D scan of your teeth, mouth and jaw, please contact us, or speak to your dentist during your next appointment.

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